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South Carolina Law: H&H Practice Areas

Divorce Law

Prepare for your divorcing needs!
Legal counsel about grounds for divorce, contested vs uncontested, fault vs no-fault based, local vs international.

Business Law

Support and protect what you built up!
H&H law firm covers agreements, business entities, buy-sell, dissolution, copyrights and trademarks, legal forms.

Employment Law

Legal documents and terms needed for employers, employees and contractors, audits, discrimination, handbooks, hiring and firing, sexual harassment.

Family Law

Support your family and loved ones!
Get legal advice about child abuse & law, guardianship, finance, domestic violence, matrimonial, neglect and finance.

LLC Setup

Protect yourself and your business!
Get a successful single or multi-member LLC setup in South Carolina including formation, application, registration.

Estate Planning

Plan for the future and change yours!
Why guiding your assets through the use of wills, trusts, insurance policies, and other arrangements matters.

Probate Law

Prepare for complex, contentious hearings!
H&H law firm can make the probate process easier and faster, even with a large estate size or many beneficiaries.

Business Litigation

No agreement reached?
Legal solutions to business buy-sell and dissolution, copyrights & trademarks infringement, partnerships disputes.

DUI Law & Legal Support

Facing driving under the influence charges?
Learn about DUI limits and penalties, be guided through the legal process, get help to improve your trial, deal and outcome.

Charleston Attorneys

John Henderson

image of John Henderson, Corporate & Car Accident Attorney, H&H Law Firm owner & co-founder.

Corporate Lawyer

John deals with SC laws specific to accounting, contracts, bankruptcy, intellectual property, licensing, and all other areas specific to local corporations.

Car Accident Attorney

John also helps the individuals who have been injured, physically or physiologically, as a result of a road incident, minor collision or crash, any vehicle accident.

Wesley Henderson

image of Wesley Henderson, Business & Employment Attorney, H&H Law Firm owner & co-founder

Business Attorney

Wesley helps South Carolina business owners and entrepreneurs negotiate complex situations, deal with taxation, intellectual property, argue cases in court.

Employment Lawyer

Wesley also supports employers through research, contracts and advice, arbitration, negotiation, any contentious issues with employees and contractors.

Price Sigal

image of Price Sigal, Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney at H&H Law Firm

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Price helps locals who are facing charges in SC, being suspected or charged for a crime, to take control of the situation, prepare their defense in court, get their legal rights upheld.

DUI Attorney

Experiencing a ticket for driving under the influence is a heavy and consequential moment for an individual and their family. Price provides DUI legal support.

David Dunlavey

Divorce Attorney

People who consider a complete separation, have no agreement reached, face divorcing procedural hurdles, or are pressured or mislead, get legal support from us.

Family Lawyer

We can help you make the best decisions related to adoption, alimony, child support and your custody rights, domestic violence, mediation, pre and post nuptial agreements.

George Fowler

image of George Fowler, Estate & Probate Attorney at H&H Law Firm

Estate Lawyer

George helps determine your net worth including all assets during your life, avoid probate, plan for your children, spouse and inheritance taxes, set up valid wills and trusts.

Probate Attorney

George also helps for contested wills, estate value questioned, assets distribution unapproved. Speed up the legal paperwork and the whole probate process.

Legal Cases Won by H&H in Charleston, SC

Here is a snippet of the types of cases we work, and results we achieve for our clients.

LLCs and businesses setup 400+

Businesses are the backbone of our community. Supporting them is where Henderson & Henderson began. We come from a long line of family business owners, and are proud to work with entrepreneurs and all business owners to help them thrive.

Estate Plans created 100+

As Benjamin Franklin quipped, the only guarantees in life are “death and taxes.” While your accountant should tell you about taxes, we know how to help you establish an estate plan. We’ll all pass to the other side one day, and it’s important to determine how your estate will pass before you do. If you don’t do it, the government will – and you’ll likely be rolling in your grave. Our lawyers are trained to advise you on how best to pass your estate to the next generation.

Disputed Estate worth over $25M

We successfully represented a client over a disputed estate worth over $25,000,000. We argued a propertied will was false and were able to resolve the case prior to trial.

When it comes to probating an estate, most families can set aside petty differences to honor the wishes of their loved ones. When someone decides to fight over money, however, it’s important to have a legal team ready to ensure justice is served. The attorneys at H&H know the probate process and how to represent your interest so you don’t get steam-rolled or cheated.

$2,500,000 Settlement for a girl who was shot

We argued negligent security against the apartment complex.

Serious injuries due to the negligence of another person can be devastating, especially when it involves a child. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of injury cases against insurance companies. When you or a loved one is injured it’s important to have competent legal representation. Insurance companies are some of the biggest companies on the planet and they didn’t get that way by doing people favors. If you need help, our lawyers will stand up to insurance giants so you can achieve a fair result.

Hit and Run accident

$850,000 was recovered for a client involved in a hit and run accident. He was driving a truck when a car pulled out in front of him and took off. Our client’s truck rolled, resulting in injuries.

Car accidents are scary, but some are worse than others. When a driver is involved in a hit and run accident, it can be particularly difficult to prove. When we can prove it, the results can be much higher than most cases because a driver who hits another car and takes off is particularly guilty of egregious behavior.

$440,000 for a Minor Vehicle Collision

Our client had a rare autoimmune disease, which we successfully argued was triggered by the collision and caused serious injury.

Low impact accidents are tough. To recover for negligence, the plaintiff must show four elements: a) there was a duty, b) defendant breached the duty, c) the breach caused damage, and d) there were in fact damages or injuries. When it comes to low impact accidents, insurance companies often claim there is no mechanism of injury, meaning there is no “causation.” Showing the causation is essential.

$400,000 for Breach of fiduciary Duty

A majority owner of a company abused fiduciary duty to a minor shareholder. We successfully increased the settlement offer from $0 to $400,000 by using forensic accounting and procuring previously undisclosed business documents.

Business owners owe a fiduciary duty to their company, especially those who are majority shareholders. When an owner owns a majority interest in the company, he or she is in a position to know more information about the company than minority shareholders. It’s important that majority owners treat minority shareholders fairly.

$305,000 for Automobile Accident

This sum was collected for a client who was involved in an automobile accident with an illegally parked truck. The case was heavily contested.

Trucks parked illegally are increasingly a problem – FedEx, UPS, Uber, Amazon, and all the rest of the conveniences in modern life leads to trucks gathered along our roads – illegally. These cases can be particularly hard because one driver will say one thing and the other will say another. Moreover, the trucks will defend their drivers until the end – if they settle, the driver will lose his or her job and the company can have huge exposure. Fighting through those cases requires next level devotion.

$175,000 for Premises liability

Settlement for a girl who fell from a second-floor balcony. Fortunately, she only sustained minor injuries. We were able to push the case to its maximum value.

Premises liability cases require showing the landlord or property owner was negligent. Because they are in a position to know more about the property, it requires the plaintiff to request the correct information to figure out the best argument. Property owners must keep properties safe and when they don’t, they should be held responsible.

Policy Limits for rear end collision

Policy Limits for our client who was involved in a very minor rear end collision – we secured both the other driver’s limits and the underinsured limits for our client. The collision was so small, barely a scratch was left on the rear bumper.

Car accidents can be challenging to prove when the property damage is low. These cases require showing the low property damage is not indicative of low impact. Often, accident experts can help. The insurance company often claims there is no mechanism of injury – meaning no causation. A good lawyer can battle through those arguments if the accident did, in fact, cause the injuries.

Residential Care Neglect

$100,000 result for a client who was neglected in a residential care facility.
Nursing homes and residential care facilities have big responsibilities. When they breach the duties owed to their patients, our lawyers are able to prove it through evidence and experts. These cases can be tricky because various defendants can blame each other, making it challenging to pinpoint causation. An experienced lawyer can help figure it out to ensure a just resolution.

Dog Bite Liability

Secured a judgment against a homeowner for a dog bite to our client who was visiting the property.

Dog bite cases can be clear liability cases. In South Carolina, there is not a rule requiring a showing of a prior dog bite. The only evidence required is a showing that that dog had the propensity to bite. Collecting all the facts is essential. Often figuring out if there is insurance and how to collect is equally important.

Family Law Cases 100+

Family law and domestic relations deals with all things family related. Most often, these cases involve divorce, custody, visitation, and/or property disputes. Our firm has handled many of these cases over the years. No-one wants a divorce, but if it happens, hiring a lawyer is essential.

$80,000 Unpaid Wage Dispute

Employers are obligated to pay their employees. If they do not, it gives rise to a wage claim. These can become challenging, but often they are clear. The rules are what they are, so there is no wiggling around them. Our attorneys are well versed in wage claim disputes and know how to enforce the rules.

Recovered $140,000 in Lost Business Profits

When work on our client’s truck was not completed on time, it resulted in financial losses.
Sometimes truck owner/operators need repairs done – that’s completely reasonable. When a repair company holds the truck well beyond when they said the work would be complete, that can have devastating results for the company because they have a truck that’s not working. In these instances, a lawyer can help figure out what was lost because of the negligence of the repair shop and recover those losses.

Worked with 100+ business owners directly

Solving various problems including employment matters, joint ventures strategies, partnership disputes, debt collecting, dispute avoidance/resolution.
The primary reason Henderson & Henderson began in the first place was so we could help businesses, and the men and women who own them. Our favorite work is protecting, problem solving, and representing local Charleston people, and South Carolina businesses in a wide scope of capacities. We are often outside legal counsel for companies who do not have in-house counsel.

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