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What is a Car Accident Attorney?

The physical and mental trauma of such an ordeal are draining, plus you may have to deal with medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and lost wages, which all may give you financial hardship. A car accident attorney can give you legal advice, collect vital information from the scene, negotiate with insurance companies, help you to pursue claims for losses, which allows you to heal and get back to normality.

Auto insurance companies are very skilled at convincing you that there is only one path and that they have it covered. However, you may find you have much more power than you thought. Also you don’t have to accept the police report. Your lawyer will collect evidence, interview witnesses, talk to experts, and establish a theory for your specific case.

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This type of attorney helps claim compensation for a personal injury, road accident, allowing you to get back to normality.

Lawyers practice law on a state-by-state basis, so generally you need one licensed in the state where the incident occurred. For instance if it happened in South Carolina, then it makes sense to appoint a firm in Charleston.

Car Accident Lawyer FAQs

Injuries and Bills

Do I need a lawyer for a SC car accident?

It depends. If you have been injured because of the negligent driving of another, then you definitely need one. Negotiating with an insurance company and litigation is very complicated, necessitating professional help. If you’re not hurt or only minimally so, then you may be able to negotiate with them on your own, but be forewarned, these are giant firms with unmatched financial resources. This means, they have an advantage and will use it.

How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?

You pay nothing unless we recover money for you. If we do recover, our fee is either 33% or 40% of the entire settlement. From time to time we work hourly, but generally injury cases are handled on a contingency fee arrangement.

How do I pay for medical bills while I’m recovering from injuries?

Paying for anything after a car accident or personal injury can be challenging because often you are unable to work. It’s important to protect your job, but it’s equally important to receive the physical care and rest necessary to fully recover. If your invoices become due, you can let your insurance pay them. If you don’t have medical insurance, then you need to contact the provider and explain your situation. They often have payment plans or can hold the payment until the case is over if you have an attorney. Lawyers have other options as well.

Legal Forms and Cases

What is an FR10 form?

This will be provided to you at the scene. The FR10 is essentially an insurance exchange document. The police report is an entirely separate form generated after the accident. Both contain a section identifying the at fault party, but the police report is more detailed and usually includes a description with a diagram.

How long does a SC car accident case take?

It can be resolved around a month after medical treatment has ended. There are, however, situations when this is not the situation. Cases in litigation can take a couple years to work out, and instances when the physical problems are prolonged, take longer. Ultimately, each case is different and so is the timing.

What happens if I lose my job because of a car accident?

Protecting your employment is important, but so is receiving the care you need. If you are no longer able to work after you are in an accident, then you can receive compensation for lost and future wages. It’s crucial that your lawyer takes the necessary steps to ensure your money is protected.

Meet John Henderson, Your Car Accident Attorney in Charleston SC

image of car accident attorney John Henderson
John provides tailored legal services to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of road traffic personal injury.

John, a graduate of Wofford College and the Charleston School of Law, co-founded Henderson & Henderson law firm in 2014. He is familiar with all driving situations (distracted, dui, fatal, hit and run, major crash, minor collision, texting, wreck) and all kinds of vehicles (including motorcycles and trucks). He says:

Several years ago, a woman from Charleston came to me for help with a motor vehicle collision. She was rear ended, but the visible hit was small. Even though the contact barely dented her vehicle, she was experiencing severe pain in her neck. The insurance company offered her just $1,500 because it was a minor impact car accident and she was about to take it, but first she wanted to run the case by me. During our consultation, I realized she had a neck surgery about seven years prior, so I sent her to the doctor. As I suspected, the hardware in her neck was dislodged in the accident. In the end, I was able to convince the insurance company to tender their full policy limits so my client could pay for a surgery to repair the damage. That case taught me to never give up. Something was not adding up and it was my lawyer’s job to figure it out. Thankfully, we did.

Learn more about John Henderson, and contact him for any question.

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