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Contractors live in a competitive world. Landing customers, biding jobs, producing quality work, handling subs all require constant attention. Don’t let legal uncertainty distract you from your work. We created an online platform specifically to help ease the complexities of legal issues.  

What licenses must you obtain to build in different cities, counties, and states? Where do you file your taxes? How do you hire employees? What waivers of liability should you give to your employees if there is an accident on a job site involving the weather?

Don’t waste thousands of dollars in legal fees and don’t give away your time looking to the internet for your solutions. Instead, let us guide you to appropriate solutions tailor-made for contractors and builders alike at a fraction of the cost. As business lawyers we’ve worked to create a way to provide you with the legal information and documents you need to begin your company that are affordable.

Drafted Legal will cover the following topics:

Starting your own contracting or construction business can be difficult if you do not have the right resources. Don’t let legal questions prevent you from setting sail to the career of your dreams. To protect your business at a fraction of the price, visit Drafted Legal website to get Contractor Templates, online.

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Wesley Henderson is a business attorney with Henderson & Henderson law firm in Charleston SC. He focuses on helping businesses navigate their legal environment, including local contractors running any type of contracting services. Wesley can be reached by email or by phone at 843-212-3188.

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