How Can Start-Ups/Small Businesses Afford a Lawyer?

Wesley and John have come across lots of businesses that, in their early stages, find it difficult to justify the high cost of good legal advice. They often rely on cheap templates and think these will keep their business and assets safe. Later they find that they have major problems to deal with.

With this in mind Wesley started Drafted Legal, which has been helping entrepreneurs for five years, and provides startups and small businesses a solid legal foundation for their business without the need to hire an expensive attorney, so they have the freedom to focus on making their business thrive.

How Drafted Legal works:

What if there was a way to protect your business with legal templates that are so personal to you it is like having your own attorney at a fraction of the price?

Documents created by an actual practicing business attorney who understands everything you are going through, as well as the challenges you haven’t come across yet. Would that give you peace of mind?

With top quality templates, based on real life experiences, written specifically with your specialism in mind, you will be free to grow your business knowing you are fully compliant, with no surprises to worry about.

Message from Wesley Henderson –

Small businesses are the heartbeat of all communities, and I am passionate about guiding them to success.  Working every day as a business attorney in a successful family owned boutique law firm gives me a unique perspective on start-ups and small businesses that larger companies and non-practicing lawyers just can’t get.

The templates are extensive and personally written by me, with all the details carefully crafted to cover everything you will need right now as well as challenges you have not yet discovered.

I am so committed to your success that myself and my team are available to answer questions so you get the legal structure you need to grow strong and free.

When you reach the next stage of your business, we would love to welcome you as a client, knowing you have your legal foundations in place.”

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