How Does Probate Work?

Following the death of someone who had assets, property, and debts under their name, probate occurs with hearings that can be complex and even contentious. These issues can slow down the whole process exponentially. You should consider letting Henderson & Henderson help you. Spend more time focusing on family and healing and less time on the rigors of probate with the help of our law firm.

Probate can be a complicated process, especially if the size of the estate in is large and there are many beneficiaries. While probate may be arduous, it is also necessary to ensure the beneficiaries of an estate receive the assets left behind by their loved one. Probate can be easier if a valid will was in place, but it still needs the professional help of a lawyer. The will can dictate which beneficiary will receive what assets. However, not everyone has a will in place during the time of their death and often the will administration is more complicated than it seems.

image of will and probate assets
A will expresses a person’s wishes as to how probate assets - those that the decedent owned solely - distributes after death.

How can Probate Lawyers help?

Attorneys can aid during the probate process by settling any disputes that may arise. Families are complex, so when it comes time to settle the affairs of an estate, things can become contentious quickly. Our firm can work with all parties to not only ensure the validity of the will but work towards a resolution.

Along with contesting a will, other disputes can arise that involve the value of the assets of an estate and even how an executor is handling the distribution of assets. As an executor, if a family member of the estate you are administering has a bone to pick with the contents of the will, even at no fault of your own, you may be questioned about whether or not you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties as an executor. Ensure you are protected from any liabilities by enlisting the help of a probate lawyer for all of your probate-related matters.

Why Should I Hire a Probate Attorney?

When times are stressful and emotional, you should consider hiring a probate lawyer that can take a major load off of your shoulder, no matter where you stand during the probate process. Hiring a probate attorney can give you the peace of mind you need to tackle other important areas of your life without compromising the importance of the probate process. To schedule a consultation, call Henderson & Henderson at 843-212-3188 or use the form to send us an email.

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When researching estate administration and probate for the first time, the hot topic you will notice is avoiding probate through extensive estate planning.

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