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During your Trademark Strategy Call we will:

  • Learn about your business and discuss ways to protect your assets
  • Understand your brand and explain the best protection strategy
  • Explain the whole Trademark process
  • Identify any red flags for you, your business and your brand
  • Answer any Trademark and brand protection questions

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Real US Trademark attorneys.

Transparent Pricing. Guaranteed Results.

Online Services
Some Law Firms
Strategy call with a real lawyer
Your case dealt with be an experienced US attorney fast
One transparent flat-fee to cover the entire process
Unlimited office action responses
Full refund if the USPTO denies your Trademark application

Our attorneys handle every step of the Trademark process, from start to finish.

1. Trademark Strategy Call

First we get crystal clear on your business, your brand and what you need to protect. We then walk you through every step of the Trademark registration process and answer all of your questions. No pressure to work with us.

2. Conflict Search

Our attorneys will run a Trademark conflict search and analyze all relevant results to determine if your brand is a good fit for Trademark protection. If not, we’ll issue a 100% refund or run another search at no additional charge.

3. Ready for Your Application

When you are ready to go we prepare your Trademark application, and hope to have it prepared and filed between 1-2 weeks from hiring.

4. Office Action Response

Over 60% of Trademark applications receive an office action. If this is the case with your application, we’ll respond to all examiner office actions at no additional cost to you.

5. Application Drafting & Filing

Our US attorneys will prepare your Trademark application based on your company’s specific needs and file it with the USPTO after you approve it. You receive your Trademark registration certificate and take ownership of your brand!

We offer Monitoring and Enforcement as an extra ongoing service if you wish.

Why Trademark Your Brand with Henderson & Henderson?

Guaranteed results or a full refund

We guarantee results. Your Trademark approved or issue a 100% refund. No questions asked. Or your next application is free.

Come on! Protect your brand

You insure your car against theft, so why leave your business assets, IP, trading reputation and goodwill, all open and unprotected?

Enforce your Trademark rights

Registering a Trademark gives you great kudos when it comes to enforcement, and makes it easier to sue those who steal your mark.

Be proud of your ® symbol

Look and be professional by displaying your brand with the ® symbol. Your registration will show you to be in a different league.

The Real Cost of Your Trademark Registration

Cheap Online Services
Traditional Law Firms
Trademark Application Preparation and Filing
+$599 or more
+$1,100 or more
Office Action Response (Over 60% of Trademark applications receive at least one)
+$599 or more each
+$1,400 or more each
Unlimited Responses Included
Trademark Search
+$299 or more each
+$1,200 or more each
Unlimited Responses Included
USPTO Filing Fees
Full refund if the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) denies your Trademark application
Total Trademark registration cost
$1,950 all inclusive

Full-Service Trademark Registration


  • Full refund if your Trademark application is denied ($1,950 Value)
  • Trademark conflict search ($500 Value)
  • Attorney-led Trademark application ($1,350 Value)
  • Unlimited responses to USPTO office actions ($2,000+ Value)
  • Trademark application filing ($350 Value)
  • USPTO filing fees ($275 Value)

Guaranteed results
Transparent pricing
Fast turnaround

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